Below are some of the parts that we manufacture for our customers. There are various manufacturing processes used on the parts so you can get and idea of what we can do.

Some of the parts below include:


Welding TIG/MIG

Laser Profiling


Paint finish

Zinc Plate finish


Aluminium Boss Assembly

Aluminium tube welded ono some 2mm aluminium plate

Aluminium Tops

These 1.5mm Brackets have been cut out on our Amada punch with the dimple and then folded on our 3meter bystronic brake press.

Stainless Boxes

1mm stainless boxes that are folded and fully tig welded.

Stainless Curve Bracket

Stainless bracket, which is folded and rolled for the Oil & Gas industry

Large Radius Panels

We have custom bending tools to fold this job as it has a large Rad on it.

Computer Brackets

2mm Stainless Steel Brackets cut on the Mazak Laser and then folded on the Bystronic Press

Box section Uprights

Various box section uprights, fully welded and nut serted prior to plating.

Mild Steel Bracket

This bracket has been cut on the laser and then been folded

Stainless Bodys & Watertanks

A pallet full of 1.5mm and 1mm stainless componets cut on the Mazak Laser the Folded on the Bystronic break press, Next process is to fully weld the water tanks so they are watertight.

Stainless Tube

Stainless Tube Capped off and welded then dressed to achieve a shiny smooth finish

Stainless Assembly

Stainless part consitsting on three components welded together

Brass Radiator Strap

We manufacture these parts for a customer that re-build vintage cars and they are the Brass Radiator Strap.

Lock Tabs

These are cut out of 1mm mild steel, and we have to maintain the points for the cusomer even with the heat build up on the laser.