The Process of Sheet Metal Folding

Sheet metal folding is a metal fabrication process stage, and it covers bending, folding as well as pressing of sheet metal into the predetermined geometry. Our folding equipment provides you with a wide variety of angles, so we can easily shape your desired sheet. We are experts in all sheet metal fabrication aspects and have a wealth of experience when it comes to folding metal.

Metal folding is generally used to create lots of products including boxes, enclosures, pipes and more, as we can fashion and reshape sheet metal in many ways like shearing, bending, indenting and rolling.

Where Is the Process Performed?

The process is done on a press brake machine. The machine uses strong tensile plus shear forces in bending, folding and punching the sheet metal into any shape you desire. Advanced metal folding technology includes automated panel bender machines plus high-speed bending cells.

We run our machines 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, providing fast turnaround times (TAT) at a competitive price. We offer our services of metal sheet fabrication services throughout the country.

Whether it’s a large-scale production or a small personal job, no task is small or too big for our company.
We are devoted to providing quality products and outstanding service. We only invest in the latest and best processing technology; therefore, you can relax knowing that your metal folding will definitely be of the highest quality.

Press Brake Machines

Press brake machines typically come in different types and sizes but most come with a hydraulic ram that has an upper punch for pressing metals into a lower die. Usually, press break operates either automatically or manually and most of them are computer-controlled. Also, sheet metal fabricators use 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacture) system to help design as well as develop complex folded components. Programs can be created for batch production, then stored electronically to be used later.

Sheet metal folding is one process of many that are used in the metal fabrications manufacture, and it’s often preceded by metal punching or laser cutting metal punching and then followed by welding plus assembly.

Our Sheet Metal Folding Equipment

Our company can fold materials of different thickness so long as they are up to 4m in length. This is made possible by our Hydram, which has a 12 Pressbrakes and rated up to 250 tonnes. Hydram can bend 4m lengths in aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. We use this in folding precision sheet metal parts. Also, we can save your parts details to our database, so anytime you need us to make the same fold, we’ll provide it straight away.

Also, our Hydram uses Salvagnini P4Xe panel bender to finish its sheet metal folding capacity. It comes with an advanced 3D CADCAM system for developing complex folded components and modelling multiple-part assemblies. For thinner mass-produced components, we have our 100-ton Bystronic press brake for increasing the folding capacity.

With the help of Computer Numerical Control (CNC), we ensure the whole experience is easier for all our customers. This saves us time, meaning we can dedicate more time to doing the job faster and to a high standard.

We can also make any adjustments to the specification, making repeat orders even easier. We can quickly ascertain your specific requirements. For that reason, our CNC system is ideal for any customer who requires large quantities of the products. We will provide these for you at regular intervals because it makes the whole process smoother and easier for those involved.

Accurately Fold Plate and Sheet with Us

Aluminium and Mild Steel

Fold up to 15 millimetres thickness, with an 8-metre maximum fold length and 45° maximum fold angle.
Durbar Sheet and Plate

These fold up to 12.5 millimetres, with a 3-metre maximum fold length and 45° maximum fold angle.

Stainless Steel

Fold up to ten millimetres thickness, with an 8-metre maximum fold length and 45° maximum fold angle.
If you need a quick, reliable and accurate sheet metal folding service, feel free to contact us. Our company is a CE certified steel stockholder and processor. The machines that we use have some of UK’s largest capacities.