Alternative Precision Leaders in the Welding Industry

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication service, we at alternative precision have an exceptional reputation in the industry. We do welding, cutting and folding which we start from scratch or according to client’s instructions. Whether you chose powder coating or zinc plating, we can deliver to your satisfaction.

We are known for our precise services, and our welding fabricators are AWS certified. From welding steel, aluminium, and stainless steel there is no task too complicated for us. We have the necessary tools, skills, and equipment to weld metal, tubing or bar stock. All we require a customer to do is give us the specifications and leave the rest to us.

Whether you have an emergency or small welding need, our various TIG welding machines are on standby to help you out. Our employees are also highly trained and meet all the relevant qualifications to handle our customer’s needs.
We also have some MIG welding machinery which are capable of performing smokeless welding’s. These machines also do tack and spot welding plus their fast and efficient service make it easy for us to complete your job in minimal time. On most occasions, we use MIG welding machines for stainless steel and carbon steel products.

The spot-welding machines at Alternative Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication allow us to quickly join two pieces of metal together in a cost-effective manner. We bond metals together using this technique to come up with cabinets, brackets and other metal sheets.

We also employ a thin metal technique for car body panels. It allows us to do a clean and thorough job on your car’s body without having to blow holes in it. We minimise distortion of the body parts by tacking the metal together at intervals. It allows for each section to cool one at a time before proceeding to the next. We also offer torch brazing services if you need silver or hard soldering or silver brazing; we are the to go to outlet.

We also do body repair, welding and painting to restore the quality of your car. When welding it may involve cutting off rusted metal parts of your car and replacing it with a new one which is the best solution in such scenarios. We are proficient in this service.

When it comes to our welding capabilities, we take great care to avoid burn through, warping or using excessive heat that may damage metals. That is why we have TIG, pulsed TIG and short circuit transfer MIG which gives us control over heat. Other services we offer include brake press folding, laser profiling, punching, assembly and packaging, CNC sawing and welding to BS EN 287-1; 2011.

We invest continuously in new equipment and technology to provide our clients with top of the range services at affordable prices. We strive to be a one-stop welding and fabrication centre for all our clients.