Drilling / Hole tapping / Countersinking

At APSM, we have two banks of drills enabling a quick turn around time and the versatility to service small batch jobs through to larger fabrication projects.

Customised Products

Customise your products using one of our Tapmatic drills. Hole tapping can be part of a fabrication process, producing a hole for countersinking, allowing a strong connection to be made between sheet metal or other fabricated materials.  This is an ideal solution when welding is not an option.

Need a smooth surface? Improve the appearance of your completed product by using our countersink service. This process creates a conical hole to house your screws or bolts, resulting in a flush finish and in addition increases the structural lifetime of the fasteners.

We offer a wide variety of tapping and countersink services, contact the fabrication team to discuss your specific requirements.